Saturday, July 05, 2008

Weekend projects

I got four (4!!) new pedal kits in the mail the other day. This week i'm set to build a Big Muff clone, a tri-boost, phaser and an overdrive. Ok, it will probably take me more like a month to get it all built, but in any case, i'm pretty excited about it.

I've started writing five songs in bits and pieces. I think it all started out as one song but began to scatter out into more like 3, or 5. We'll see. It will be fun to put together some of the stuff i'm building with some of this stuff i'm writing. Though it would be nice to have a collaborator or two.

Aside from that, I'm still working on putting together the Felted Signal Processing site, with an inaugural email to follow after it comes together and goes live. It's hard to get all this stuff done while working 60-80hrs/week at my current freelance job.

In other news, myself + three other awesome girls signed the lease on a new studio space in the East Village, only a couple blocks from my house. After I'm done with rga, I'll be over there full-time, working on web + other kinds of design projects. We are currently operating under the name Aplural. I like it.