Monday, April 23, 2007

Actions, Events, and Filtering

I wrote a program in processing that reacts to how vigorously you shake an accelerometer.

The arduino communicates the sensor's readings through a serial connection to processing. I used a smoothing function, in my arduino code, to get clean values from the accelerometer, which tends to give very eradict readings otherwise.

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When you first open up the processing app, it is a calm, blue day.

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If you make it so that the sensor's readings match up on the x- and y-axis, you plant flowers on the screen.

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Slightly shaking it causes the blooms to blow...

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Quickly shaking it causes a rain storm (and all the flowers blow away)

Leaving the sensor alone for 10 seconds let's the storm go away, returning you to a clear day.

Download Processing and Arduino code

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Donelle said...

Great work.