Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Loom: Update 6

Okay, I'm still waiting for a space to set my loom up in. And my cat got sick on my laptop, thereby killing it (it's not salvageable apparently) and cutting my access to my max/msp and arduino files thusfar developed. Not a great week.

But I did make some progress, despite that. I re-did my warp, as it wasn't long enough the first time I made it, and it went A LOT faster the second time around (about 2 hours vs, uh, 10 hours last time). So that is now finally complete and attached to my top beam. Other things completed:

- Got the correct bolts in my top beam supports. It's all bolted up to the uprights and ready to go.
_ Got my shed stick cut and bolted to the bottom of the loom (for separating the front and back threads from each other)
- Put together xbee/accelerometer circuits to go on five of the 24 weights hanging from the warp
- Got my shuttle put together with the wireless accelerometer sensor + a lithium battery
- Rewrote my max patch to where it was before

Oh yes, the xbee is an addition, heh. I am combining this final with my Mesh Networking final, and making the weights wireless devices that send their values remotely. I will be keeping a wired version of the code and board handy though, in case some kind of wireless mishap takes place, which seems to always be a danger, and I don't want any of that at showtime.

This next week is just wrapping everything up I guess and well, getting the xbee stuff all working flawlessly as well as tweaking the sound still.

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