Monday, October 29, 2007

Loom: Update 2

This week was all about max/msp. I got myself up to reasonable speed with max and have built a basic circuit that takes in readings from sensors, midi-formats them, and sends them out via midi to max. Once they get to max, i take the values in off channels 0 - 15 and send them through various filters. I was happy to get some noise out of my circuits this week.

Once I was able to get the readings from arduino to max, I focused on manipulating the midi data so as to get the kinds of textures/sounds that I'm looking to sculpt out of the data. I'm still working on that now.

Next week, I plan to continue working on the sound, and also doing the following:

- build the loom with sensors tentatively placed. I will be building a warp-weighted vertical loom.
- build the loom
- complete my max patches
- get the materials i'm going to actually be weaving with

This week, I didn't have any major hangups. Now that I actually have data coming in and pushing sound out of the patches i'm using, I am feeling good about getting the max/msp stuff done. I expect next week will be full of issues, since I will putting together a kind of prototype for two wednesdays from now.

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