Tuesday, October 16, 2007

xbee game (as yet unnamed)

My group and I decided to make a little foot-eye coordination game, coordinated to a xbee broadcasted beat. The parts to our project are as such:

- a physical interface consisting of a kick pad with FSRs in them, for recording which pad was kicked and how hard.
- the hardware involving an xbee and arduino, for capturing the broadcast beats and fsr readings
- the software, processing, for displaying our environment, which will be updated per the data sent over from our arduino.

Basically, our processing environment consists of four areas: a forest, a city, a desert, and a river. The screen will be divided into four equal parts for each eco-system. Moving along the bottom of the screen (coordinated to every 2nd broadcast beat) will be a conveyor belt, carrying with it three different kinds of icons: an egg, a baby, or a seed:

These icons will drop onto the conveyor belt in coordination with the broadcasted beat. Depending on which FSR pad you kick, you can send each of these icons out into one of the four environments. How hard you kick the pad will determine how far out 'into' the screen the icon travels. Finally, depending on which icon you kicked and which environment it landed in, the egg/seed/baby will grow into a specific animal/plant/character. For example, if you kick the baby into the city/desert/forest/river, you will get:

So far, we have designed our icons and have the core architecture of the processing program in place. We also have been able to pick up the broadcasted beat and are working on putting together a kick pad.

We have divided up the labor as such:

Shin-yi + Sarah: Graphics/Animation/Processing programming
Daniel + Shilya: Kick pads and hardware programming

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colin koopman said...

"kick the baby into the river" is a nice phrase.