Monday, October 01, 2007

Quick pcomp sketch

So I was asked to make a little device that addresses a problem on the ITP floor. Well, 'problem' is a very subjective term, and it turned out that my 'problem' with the ITP floor wasn't as much of one for anyone else, thereby pointing out that I might be a little OCD. oh well.

The problem I chose to tackle was the one of the pcomp lab's tool box drawers not always being fully shut (photo coming soon). It's not a *huge* problem to me, but an issue nonetheless, however petty it might be. And anyways, it's the one I chose to solve, so here you go:

Originally uploaded by 0x000000

This device is just a photocell + a doorbell buzzer. When the arduino reads a value off the photocell of less than 200 for more than 10 seconds (ideally, this would be set to a couple minutes, so people have time to open the drawer and shuffle about for their item), a very loud, obnoxious, annoying buzz goes off, until the drawer is fully shut again.

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